Value Engineering Workshop

Certified Save International® Module 1
Optional Exam for AVS Qualification given at end of Workshop

Date:         25-29 October 2015
Location:   Dubai

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General Management Services

MARWAN FARROUKH FREELANCE CONSULTANCY & TRAINING provides general management services to contractors or manufacturers who require expertise to help them in:

  • Re-alignment or restructuring their organization
  • Reviewing and proposing their filing system structure
  • Mapping their processes and the preparation of their workflow charts
  • Reviewing and updating or writing their Policies Procedures Manuals
    This service is basically concerned with the review of the entity or organization’s structure to identify areas of improvement, redundancies and required additional functions. Recommendations will be made to adjust, amend or re-produce a more efficient organization chart to help the organization in streamlining its work and to increase its efficiency.
    The service is provided to any entity or organization that is looking to improve or standardize their filing system, where the current system is reviewed and analyzed, and recommendations are made to improve and re-align their current filing system whether an electronic one or paper based one. Proposal for a new filing system could be also presented to the entity or organization.
    The service is provided to any entity or organization that is looking to improve, streamline and increase the efficiency of its operations where their processes, being in the office or at site are mapped, and work flowcharts are prepared. Recommendations will be made to improve, amend or re-align their processes or to suggest new ones.
  • POLICIES & PROCEDURES MANUAL Policies and Procedures
    Manual preparation services are provided to all entities who would like to produce a new manual or to update and upgrade their current one. Process mapping is one of the tools used in producing the manual.

All the above services are currently being provided to a specialized contractor with offices across the UAE and GCC countries.

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