Value Engineering Workshop

Certified Save International® Module 1
Optional Exam for AVS Qualification given at end of Workshop

Date:         25-29 October 2015
Location:   Dubai

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Additional Services

The additional services that could be provided by MARWAN FARROUKH FREELANCE CONSULTANCY & TRAINING cover the following:

    This specialized service is provided to contractors or manufacturers requiring expertise to setup an engineering department or to manage the design, coordination or the engineering processes. Training will be provided to the company’s employees on the preparation and maintenance of the engineering/technical department policies and procedures manual.

    Value Engineering is an additional function that is provided under Engineering Management by introducing the Client to the value Engineering concept and systems. Training of in-house personnel is also provided to be able to handle this subject in the future.
    The increase of project values into the billions of US Dollars, and the need to start construction works as early as possible for the rush projects even in some instances before the design is completed, and the need to proceed with the construction of the projects at high speed emphasis the need for the preparation and implementation of projects’ procurement and construction strategies. The complexity of this issue increases with the size of the project.

    This service is provided to contractors who do not have an in-house expertise in this field and to busy consultants who need to outsource these activities to sub-consultants when they are pressed for time.

    Under this service, contractors are provided with construction and/or procurement strategies based on the data provided by them and the contractors will be assisted in its implementation. As necessary, MARWAN FARROUKH FREELANCE CONSULTANCY & Training will train the contractors’ in-house personnel to initiate and implement such strategies in the future. Also under this service MARWAN FARROUKH FREELANCE CONSULTANCY & Training has the ability to review, expand and adjust a strategy prepared by the contractor in order to increase efficiency and save cost.

    MARWAN FARROUKH FREELANCE CONSULTANCY & Training will help consultants in the preparation of the procurement and/or construction strategies and the review of any strategy prepared by consultants, their clients or the contractors on the project. This work will fall under sub-consultancy agreements with the main consultant.
    The importance of risk management increases with the value of the project and the number of contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, sub-consultants, end users, operators, etc. associated with the project.

    This service is provided to contractors, consultants or clients where risk policy and procedures are devised; risks are identified and associated with stakeholders; mitigation plan is prepared to resolve and eliminate the risks; risk register is prepared and steps taken for its implementation and follow-up; and training of in-house personnel to insure their understanding and proper implementation of the process.
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